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This journal is now being used for [community profile] itsjustagamerp. All entries prior to this were from [community profile] luceti, and should be disregarded.
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[WELL. That was... at least more pleasant than last time, but not by much. And at least they managed to fix that nasty power-loss issue. ...well, it was back to the point where it was when she first showed up in Luceti. However, it's all Yukari can do to gap herself home, collapse in her bed, and groan to her open journal, reaching up idly to play with one of the wings behind her.]

Could someone please warn me before I'm randomly abducted again? Twice in less than a month on my own, you'd think they were trying to discipline a bad puppy or something...

So what'd I miss?
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[For what may be the first time in four months, Yukari is out and about in the village without an experiment being the direct cause, taking in the sights, familiarizing herself with the area a little more. She seems to be making a slow path towards the Battle Dome, but ultimately, she's taking in the sights, casting any passerby a glance at least, though she doesn't seem to be in a smiling, friendly mood. When she gets to the bridge between C3 and C4, she stops, opening her journal and writing. She doesn't think anyone would have noticed her missing save for possibly Adell - Yuuka was too wrapped up in her flowers to give a damn about anybody, and she was just fine with that - so she just plays it off like she never left.]

Winter is just about here, isn't it...? It's an oddly nostalgic time for me, but I must admit that I'm not used to having one without gas heater nor kotatsu. Does anyone know where I might procure one of those...?

[Having written to the journals, she closes the book and tucks it under an arm again, starting to wander once more.]
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The masks are cute. Really, they are.

...but, you know. I don't recall the other side of the moon being that ugly before. Have the Lunarians been making it match the 'beauty' of their princesses now?

[[Yukari probably just offended several people with that statement. However, troll masks are quite a thing, and... wait, she hasn't put hers on yet, but she still gives no fucks. We're doomed.]]
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[Yukari has embraced her role so readily. After all, it takes in her two biggest hobbies - being lazy and trolling folks. So, out in the square, you might see a woman with pink, striped cat ears and a tail, simply lazing about, watching the antics with that trademark cheshire grin.]

Do you know? Do you know? I wonder, do you know?

[Those who speak Japanese natively might hear it untranslated as the slightly more recognizable 'kashira, kashira, gozonji kashira?']
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So it appears that I myself have been spirited away. Poetic justice has quite the odd way of working, does it not? Those that often greet 'new feathers' - is that the correct usage, if I may inquire? - may rest at ease; I have already located the guide that has been set up by a helpful citizen here and spent most of the night perusing it.

My own powers appear to be at far less than fifty percent; such things are beyond even my exact calculations, but if I were to assign a range to them, I would wager that my powers are somewhere between 10.5254% and 25.779% of their original capacity. I most certainly can't escape the barrier that has been mentioned, despite the blatant fact that such manipulations should be as simple as an subtraction problem to me. I can only hope that the implications are such that the missing remainder of my powers have remained in my land of Gensokyo; Ran can handle the situation in that case if I am stuck in this world for a time.

Therein lies the first of my inquiries in this 'journal', however. Is there anyone else in this world that was previously from the realm of Gensokyo? It is not that other citizens are of less help to me, it is simply that those from my home will be far less unsettled by my mannerisms; as of such it is far more effective to glean information from them.

Secondly; apparently removing these wings is fatal, according to the documentation I found. Is there any suggestions, then, on how to achieve comfortable sleeping positions with the atrocious things? Whenever I try to shift on this bed, the things stab me in the back like an incompetent assassin.
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This is serious business. I am always super afraid that I am terrible at characters and nobody tells me.


(anon comments are screened)
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Yukari is, in canon, pretty close to having the most broken, munchkin power in all of existence.

"Manipulation of boundaries". There are no restrictions on that, which makes sense as restriction is a boundary. While the most obvious use of this power is best known in-fandom as "gaphax" - which is to say, thinking with portalsgaps - the outer limits of the power are as far as one's imagination can go. Shapeshifting? Boundary between one form and another. Mind-reading? Boundary between inner thoughts and spoken word. Hell, in-canon she is stated as having manipulated the boundary "between truth and falsehoods" in order to travel to the moon - by marching into its reflection on the surface of a lake.

Even at 50% power, Yukari would still be able to effortlessly make Luceti her plaything.

Luckily, there's a way around that. See, Yukari possesses godlike power in her canon for more than one reason. Not only is she a godmoding cheater, but her powers are the very thing that cause the realm of Gensokyo to exist. As of such, it is entirely possible that her powers have been stripped away - given to the next in the Yakumo line, her shikigami Ran - in order for Gensokyo to remain safe in her absence.

As of such, Yukari will have only a smattering of her original powers in Luceti, or, in fact, any other game in the future that requires power nerfing.

Border between IC and OOC )

Any questions, thoughts, complaints on the powers she still has remaining? Feel free to leave them here!
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Just be sure to mention it, mun gets confused easily.
Threadhopping: PLEASE DO. Real life is chaotic, I like RP to reflect that. I tend to threadhop at times myself, so if I'm out of line, please tell me?
Fourthwalling: Feel free, for THIS character. The idea that she's part of a game series canon would do nothing but vaguely amuse Yukari.
Offensive subjects: Just... don't try to be trollishly offensive, and the player would prefer if speaking about or witnessing body mutilation were asked about first.

Hugging this character:
You're welcome to try, weirdo.
Kissing this character: If you can actually HUG her, expect her to kiss first. If you try yourself, well. ENJOY THE GAP
Flirting with this character: Definitely. She'll flirt back, too.
Snogging this character: Let's keep it PG-13 in logs and posts, but ICly there'd be nothing stopping her from having a fling.
Fighting with this character: She's no stranger to it, though she's more prone to flight as opposed to fight.
Injuring this character: Thanks to losing her powers, it's entirely possible. Don't do it without reason, though, please.
Killing this character: RP really is not good for Yukari's health. Again, don't do it without reason, and as per the rules, TALK TO ME AND THE MODS BEFOREHAND.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure, if you can manage it in the game's rules. Her thought processes don't resemble those of humans in the slightest, so her player may not be able to emulate them. Expect it to be roughly akin to trying to mind-read Yog-Sothoth.
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A key:

☠: ゆっくりしね! (Dislike)
★: You interest me. (Friendship)
☯: I'll protect you. (Family)
♥: Yukari stole the precious meme~ (Romance)

As typical with CR memes, more of a particular symbol shows stronger feelings of that sort. Each 'emotion' has a maximum limit of 5 - At L5 Dislike, chances are you are a lifelong vendetta, at 5 Romance, chances are you're already snogging, that sort of thing.

Multiple symbols portray complex emotions, obviously.

Click Here For Relationship Info! )
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